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This is Me.

This is me. You’re probably confused. This is a sensitive topic, so let me explain. I am not sick. I am just not comfortable looking at my hair any more. I never had a lot of hair; even as a child I bemoaned my thin, fine, sparse Eastern-European-texture hair, an […]

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Constructing a Basement Studio

The Bead Room AKA My First Workspace AKA MGS Designs Headquarters The house site after clearing about 1 acre of trees ourselves, probably 2012 The foundation walls poured and set Framing being completed in December of 2015 We began with building our house in 2015, and this unfinished basement… My husband’s Uncle […]

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Enchanted Light Bloom Headdress

Enchanted Lightbloom Headdress The Process of Creating an Extraordinary Beaded Headdress A few years into the craft of bead weaving, I developed a strong desire to begin working in a format other than the usual jewelry types. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets were fun to make and design, but I wanted […]

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Basic Beading Tutorials

Basic Beading Tutorials These are some of my favorite and most-used beading techniques. Each technique presented below has multiple steps shown in a carousel format, which you can navigate by clicking the left or right arrows, or by clicking on the dots below the image and text. Even Count Peyote […]

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Beautiful Beadwork From Nature

MGS Designs Beautiful Beadwork from Nature - 16 Stunning Jewelry Projects Inspired by the Natural World

Beautiful Beadwork From Nature 16 Stunning Jewelry Projects Inspired by the Natural World My second full-length beading book is here!  Keep reading to get a preview of the projects included in the book. Full-color illustrations and photos accompany step-by-step instructions on how to create these 16 bead weaving projects inspired by […]

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