Shining Armor Bracelet Kit – 24k Gold Colorway


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The chunky 24 karat gold size 8 cylinder beads that make up the bulk of this bracelet are reminiscent of iron armor plates, and the two basic components resemble swords and shields, evoking images of female knights in medieval times, something of an anachronism but easily imaginable in the modern day. This kit is for the gold and silver colorway pictured.

Peyote stitch, netting.

Intermediate (2 out of 5 stars)

Materials Included in the Kit:
Full-color printed pattern booklet
Swarovski 12mm square chessboards, article 2493
Swarovski SS16 rose montees
Size 8/0 cylinder beads
Size 11/0 seed beads
Size 15/0 seed beads
Toho 3mm Magatamas

You supply your preferred beading thread (Fireline 6lb recommended) and size 12 beading needles.

If you already own the pattern, please choose “without pattern” from the dropdown list above to receive a discount and only the bead pack.


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