Sharon’s Wildflower – Downloadable PDF Pattern



This full-color, step-by-step tutorial shows you every detail in creating this life-like, three-dimensional beaded flower plus a curly stem.

Learn to create sculpted, life-like dimensional flower petals using nothing more than flat peyote stitch, then create a tiny bezel and embellish it to add stamens and pistils. The curly stem is made with the same technique as the petals, and teaches you how to zip a curved piece of peyote stitch seamlessly.

Techniques: Flat peyote stitch, tubular peyote stitch

Intensity: Intermediate (3 out of 5 stars)

Time to Completion: 5-8 hours depending on stitching speed

What You’ll Need:
Size 15/o seed beads
Size 11/o seed beads
Size 8/o seed beads
Size 11/o cylinder beads
Size 14/o or 15/o Czech seed beads
SS39 Swarovski crystal chaton
6mm and 4mm crystal bicones
8-9mm button bead
Size 12 beading needles and thread of your choice.


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