Life Cycle I – Downloadable PDF Pattern

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This oversized lariat was my 2014 Toho Challenge project. I had a very hard time initially not using any Swarovski crystal in a project, but I did end up loving the Czech two-hole daggers, pear shaped drops, and two-hole tile beads. The name of this necklace comes from the fact that each beaded bead on the neckstrap is the same beaded bead, just at a different stage in construction. Because of this method of construction and the look of the fringe, the piece just reminds me of plant life and the stages of growth.

Peyote stitch, odd-count peyote stitch, netting, right angle weave.

High Intermediate (4 out of 5 stars)

To make this project, you will need:
Two-hole 5x16mm Czech dagger
Two-hole 6mm Czechmate tile bead
Czech 12x16mm pear-shaped drops
Size 15/0 seed beads
Size 11/0 seed beads in two colors
Size 8/0 seed beads in two colors
Size 10/0 cylinder bead
Preferred beading thread (6lb Fireline recommended) and size 12 beading needles.

1 review for Life Cycle I – Downloadable PDF Pattern

  1. Deb

    I got this in the blue gold doorway and I adore the process of making this lariat! I have shown a couple of the single beads to by girl friends and they are.already asking if they can borrow it! I am so loving the instructions and process of making this and cannot wait to wear it out and show it off!! It is amazing in parts and when together it is so amazingly fabulous!!! I love this pattern and want to make it again in another color set!! Thank you Melissa for another gorgeous pattern!

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