Blue Moon Rising – Limited Edition Purple Kit


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A blue moon is the second full moon of a single month. Like a blue moon, the 30mm Swarovski chessboard is a rare find! Attach it to the necklace to stand out as a stunning centerpiece, or detach it for a more subtle look. You can use the detached centerpiece by itself as a pendant or scarf tieback. This purple colorway kit is the final iteration of this ever-popular necklace kit!

Peyote stitch, odd-count peyote stitch, netting, right angle weave, ladder stitch.


Kit contains:
Full-color printed pattern
30mm Swarovski chessboard, aquamarine glacier custom coated
Two sizes of Swarovski cosmic rings, Bermuda Blue
Four colors of Japanese size 11/0 seed beads
Two colors of Japanese size 15/0 seed beads
Garment snaps

You provide your preferred beading thread (6lb Fireline recommended) and size 12 beading needles.


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