About MGS Designs

MGS Designs is simply the name I chose for my business which involves designing exciting and challenging beading projects for the intermediate to advanced bead weaving crafter.

Though that sounds complicated, what it comes down to is sewing lots of tiny beads together in interesting ways to create jewelry and other wearable pieces of art that are fun to make, easy to start and stop, and portable.

My life didn’t always involve tiny pieces of colored glass with holes in them. Earlier in life my interests had a broader focus. I always had a fascination with the natural world, and equally with art. In college, when I was finally free to study what I liked, I majored in biology at first but went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in physics, and another bachelor’s degree in fine arts (with a painting concentration).

I got into bead weaving in my early twenties after my son was born and I desperately needed a creative hobby that would conform to the new space- and time- (some might say space-time) limitations that I was confronted with as I entered a new phase of my life. My old medium, painting, was simply not an option when caring for a baby in an apartment. And I had decided to quit my studies to care for my son, who needed just a little more help than the average baby in getting a good start to his life.

Thankfully a good college friend of mine introduced me to his aunt’s bead store, Beads East, formerly located in Manchester, Connecticut, and the rest is history.

I now travel all over the United States and to select countries around the world to share my love of beading with workshops, I design projects to sell as kits and patterns here in my online shop and in my workshops, and I produce illustrations for other artists in the industry.

I hope you’ll enjoy viewing my work and if you are interested in taking a workshop, please click on the “Workshops” link in the top menu to find photos of my current offerings plus a schedule for the next couple years. If you are interested in trying some of my projects in the comfort of your own home, I offer downloadable PDF patterns in my shop and periodically offer kits on a limited basis.

Please check out my shop policies for information on order fulfillment, shipping, correspondence, and returns!